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Place: High forest
Direction: Central area
I boast: u$s58000
This urban development is located in white bay, with access for the route 33, to 8 km of the center we find the access. average is formed by 50 hectares with lots of 800 m2, as the area is raised, it possesses a panoramic sight of the urban sector. the undulation of the area with changes of up to 6 meters, allows a project urban development that it values architectonically to the set, where 30 % of the entire area is destined for green spaces and 18 % for the circulations. it counts safely 24 hours and access control. the club house, it is the place of development of recreational and social activities, it has a sink that is supplied by air-conditioned water in natural form, has thermal waters, since white bay is on extras of warm water, of that time a perforation was realized. in the sports area it is provided with a footpath of aerobic gymnastics, courts of soccer and tennis. in services infrastructure it is provided with electricity and phone, all the underground services. it has expenses per month. personal consultations

Notice I dress 945 times.

Cacciola Property - On May 25 74 (8000) White Bay - 0291-452-5709 - 0291-454-7773
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