Place Price
Yepun (between three sergeants and hueque) - Area of 20 x 36 term of payment in dollars (us$ 65.000)
US$ 65.000
Town Glory
Gabriela mistral - Lot of 10x28.75 accepts financiaciion
$ 9.000
Town Duprat
Mitre to 3200 - 12.50 x 24 - Water - Light - Gas - Construction of a lounge to be finished and rented department.
$ 40.000
San Miguel
The calden 4300 - Lot of 30 x 49.todos the services
$ 50.000
Gral Cerri
Artigas - Two apples to 200 meters of the entry of transit weighed to cerri. - on street artigas. - with light and agua. - he listens to offers
$ 60.000
San Miguel
The calden 4300 - Lot of 30x 109. (2) all the services
$ 70.000
North park
Berge Vila forms a corner with The Resero - Lot of 950 m2. Fence, forestado, with sink, mill and electricity. Gas in the adjoining lot.
U$S 25000
Pacific Ocean
Manuel molina 37 - Lot of 10x20 - excellent area - all the servicios. - listening you offer
$ 150000
Lots North
Acacia visco (lot h3) - Lot of 20x30 all the sevicios - street acacia visco (street two) almost sunburst (street thirteen) lot h3. -
High forest
Central area - This urban development is located in white bay, with access for the route 33, to 8 km of the center we find the access. average is formed by 50 hectares with lots of 800 m2, as the area is raised, it possesses a panoramic sight of the urban sector. the undulation of the area with changes of up to 6 meters, allows a project urban development that it values architectonically to the set, where 30 % of the entire area is destined for green spaces and 18 % for the circulations. it counts safely 24 hours and access control. the club house, it is the place of development of recreational and social activities, it has a sink that is supplied by air-conditioned water in natural form, has thermal waters, since white bay is on extras of warm water, of that time a perforation was realized. in the sports area it is provided with a footpath of aerobic gymnastics, courts of soccer and tennis. in services infrastructure it is provided with electricity and phone, all the underground services. it has expenses per month. personal consultations
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